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Career Advice Australia
  Career Advice Australia provides comprehensive national career and transition support network for all young Australians from 13 to 19 years of age.
Career Advice for Young People - Flyer
  Helpful flyer with links to Career, job search assistance, apprenticeship and training information designed for young.
Group Training Australia - Pathways to Success Videos
  Hear from Australian Apprentices about their experiences.
Agrifood Careers Website
  Agrifood is the name given to the Australian employment sector that is involved with food, fibre and animal production and manufacture.
DEEWR Vacancy Report - June 2009
  This report allows you to read statistics and detailed information about Industry vacancies.
Careers Connected
  Career activities, resources, information for young people, career advisers and employers.
Centrelink's Career Information Centres
  CICs provide free career related information to all Australians. Specialist staff can assist individuals to make informed decisions about education and training options or career pathways.
Make It
  Manufacturing careers website that contains a wealth of information on over 150 jobs available within 13 Manufacturing industry sectors.
- UPDATE - This great site is launching some new careers products including:
- MAKE IT! Trades in Demand Flyers
- MAKE IT! Careers InfoSheets
- MAKE IT! Website with Pathways Simulator ...PLUS...
- zooM+ NEW online Flash website with video streaming
Mining Careers - Apprenticeships Pathways
  Gain a better understanding of where trades can lead in the mining industry.
My Future
  Australia's career information service. A joint initiative of the Australian, State and Territory governments.
National Career Development Week Website
  Search for local level information about careers events. Select a State or Territory to view a list of careers events and activities. You can then click on a column title, for example 'Postcode' or 'Starts', to sort the search results.
Pre-Vocational courses links page
  The Skills and Training Information website gathers links to pre-vocational or pre-apprenticeships courses at a national, State and Territory level.
Resources for youth - Further study
  General information links as well as industry specific career and study options.
WorldSkills Australia
  Through a program of competitions aligned to the National Training Packages, WorldSkills Australia works to ensure that todays young people have the skills and abilities to compete within a rapidly changing marketplace.
Ace Day Jobs - videos
  Ace day jobs is a series of five minute video episodes of Australians with innovative careers.
Career Quiz
  A fast online assistance tool, helping to inform about career interest areas and providing links to local career information services.
Environmental Jobs Network
  The Environmental Jobs Network (EJN) is Australia's leading online resource for environmental job seekers, professionals and career changers.
Job Juice - Careers, Training and Employment Kit
  The 2007 edition of the Careers, Training and Employment Kit is aimed at students as well as Career Counsellors and people that work with young people.
  JobJuice is run by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. It helps young Australians who are looking for work and thinking about their future.
Job Explorer
  A comprehensive database of occupational attributes and job characteristics, including skills, knowledge, abilities, interests, work activities and tasks.
Job Outlook
  Search for information on occupations and careers such as job prospects, weekly earnings, type of work and other useful occupational information.
The Job Guide
  A great source of occupational profiles.
Hobsons Guide
  Hobsons Australia, trading as Hobsons Guide, is part of an international organisation dedicated to assisting students in choosing the right education and career options.
User guide for the Australian Apprenticeships Job Pathways website
  Click for a summary of the key areas of this website.
Skills and Training Information website
  This site provides broad skills and training information including information on the Australian Government's Productivity Places Program. This Program can provide eligible Job Seekers with access to courses in indentified skill need areas.
  "Skillsroad" is a careers website operated by Australian Business Limited Apprenticeships Centre providing information about apprenticeship and traineeship careers as well as a 'jobs board' with a list of job vacancies.
The Continuing Apprentices Placement Service (CAPS)
  Provides employers with an avenue to find 'out of trade' apprentices or trainees in skills shortage occupations who have lost their jobs because of the economic downturn.

Skills Stores
  Skills stores operate in metropolitan and regional locations across Victoria. They provide friendly, expert advice on the many opportunities and options available through Victoria's vocational education and training (VET) system. Skills stores help people gain recognition for current skills and provide guidance on how best to gain qualifications and update or improve existing qualifications.
VE&T - Way To Go
  The "VE&T Way to Go" campaign provides students, parents, teachers and employers with information regarding the many choices and possibilities available through vocational education and training.
VACC - Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce
  VACC provides a 'help and advisory' service to apprentices, trainees, and employers in the automotive industry.

Apprenticeship/Traineeship Out-of-Trade Register
  The Queensland Government has established an apprenticeship/traineeship Out-of-Trade Register as part of its 'safety net' program for apprentices and trainees who may be let go because of the economic downturn.
Career Information Service
  A careers site for youth.
Skilling Solutions Queensland
  Contact 1300 654 687 or Email
  Skilling Solutions Queensland operate career information 'shop fronts' that help people identify their existing skills and if necessary plan how further training can lead to obtaining a qualification. Look up a Skilling Solutions location by clicking on the title of this article.
Apprenticeships Info website
  Apprenticeships Info is an initiative of the Queensland Government's Queensland Skills Plan to provide improved support to participants in apprenticeships and traineeships.

Employment Directions Network (EDN) career centres
  Contact 13 64 64
  The Employment Directions Network (EDN) career centres are a free community service for all West Australians to assist you with career guidance and advice you need to make your way in the world of work.
WA Career Development Centre
  Contact 1800 999 167
  Help with deciding on the job, training or career path. They also provide information and advice on using your existing skills and knowledge to get a formal qualification using recognition.
WA Career Profiles Library
  In the Career Profiles Library you can view over 300 career profiles.
No Limits - WA Building and Construction Industry Careers
  Contact (08) 9381 3900 or Email
  WA's building and construction industry career information website.

Out of Trade Register
  The 'Out of Trade' register has been established by Skills Tasmania to assist those apprentices and trainees whose training contract has been cancelled and wish to be considered for future apprenticeship or traineeship positions.

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