Glasser Institute Choice Theory¨, Reality Therapy & Lead Management Courses

The Quality School program was developed by Dr. William Glasser in an attempt to help create a more needs-satisfying environment for teachers and students and to improve the overall learning process and success for students. In a Quality School, all relationships are based on trust and respect. Choice Theory and the skills of self-management and self-evaluation are taught and practiced and adversarial situations reduced and eliminated through application of the connecting habits. When students have the opportunity to better meet their needs in the classroom it is no longer necessary to break rules. A love of learning, competency and quality are stressed and instilled.

(Numbers limited to 12)

Dates: 18th - 21st (inclusive) February 2010 or 20th - 23rd (inclusive) August 2010
William Glasser Institute - 27 hour formal training course - 4 days
To receive a certificate, attendance is required all 27 hours.

For further information an enrolment contact Maggie Bolton

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