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Our Story: Birth, Death & Marriage Certificates

Birth Certificate of Irene May Carey nee Hanson

Death Certificate of Elizabeth Hanson nee Walton

Marriage Certificate of Elizabeth Walton & John Hanson

Birth Certificate of John Hanson Jnr.

    Elizabeth Hanson nee Walton was mother to Irene May Carey (nick named Babs/Bubbie nee Hanson). Elizabeth died 31st March 1955 at the Royal Adelaide Hospital with an Acute Pulmonary Odema Coronary Atheroua). Elizabeth was born Circa 1882 on the boat out from England. Her Birth certificate though puts her place of birth and initial residence as Broken Hill, NSW. Elizabeth was buried at Cheltenham Cemetery on 2nd April 1955. Her usual place of residence was 82 Wellington Road, Portland and later, 63 Web Street, Queenstown.

    Elizabeth's father was named Joseph Walton. He had six children and owned and ran The Brick Works at Thebarton Park, South Australia. He drowned at Port Adelaide. His relatives owned and operated the well known Walton's chocolate and biscuit shop in Adelaide. They lived in Brompton, SA.

    Elizabeth's mother was named Mary Anne (Polly) Walton nee Shillingsworth. It was the Shillingsworth Family that had Royal ties and were closely related to the Cadbury Family, the owners of the original Cadbury Chocolate Factory located in England and now Tasmania, Australia.

    Elizabeth Walton married John Hanson on the 3rd February 1906 at the District Registry Office Port Adelaide. The Walton's objected to the wedding, but her father Joseph did attend the ceremony and signed the marriage certificate as a parental witness. John worked at the Port Adelaide wharf. This was unacceptable to the Walton family.

    John Hanson junior was Irene's Father. He was born September 1885 at Dockville and died aged 76 in 1962 at Dockville, South Australia. He was a miller and latter a labourer at the Port Adelaide wharf.

    Elizabeth and John had 6 children: John, Vera (married Fred Ellis), Harold (nicknamed Fuzzie), Mary (married Dave Dalgleish) , Frank and Irene (married Ron Carey). Vera died aged 44 years of age from peritonitis after a gallbladder rupture. John, Harold and Frank worked on the Port Adelaide wharf and enjoyed boating and fishing. Fred Ellis (Vera's husband) enjoyed breeding and racing greyhounds. Irene was very dedicated to her family and children and enjoyed fundraising and helping at the Croydon Park Catholic Parish. She often taught Sunday School to the children at the local State school.

    • John (Born: 16/9/1090 - Death: 16/2/1988)
    • Vera Doreen
    • Harold James (Born: 3/6/1910 - Death: 2000)
    • Mary Ann (Born: 13/11/1919)
    • Frank Arnold
    • Irene May (Born: 23/11/1924)

    Mary and Irene owned and operated a small takeaway shop at 82 Wellington Road, Portland. Elizabeth, John, Mary and Irene lived at the rear of the shop. Mary left the business after she married Dave Dagleish. Irene married Ron Carey and when they moved to 28 Pym Street, Croydon Park the shop was closed. Irene was unable to sell the business as the property was rented. The owner had other plans and would not provide a lease to prospective purchasers of the business. Irene used the proceeds from the sale of the shop's equipment and stock to purchase the land at Pym Street, Croydon Park. She also purchased furniture for her new house and bought her parents a new lounge. Irene and Ron lived for a short period with both Elizabeth and John Hanson and later with Ron's parents James and Mary Carey (nee Newberry). Until the house was built, Irene and Ron lived in a tent on the property - while Ron layed the bricks, Irene mixed the mortar. Ron was a carpenter and joiner by trade.

    John's father was also called John Hanson senior and he was born in Norway. He lived in Canada for a while before finally settling in Rosewater, South Australia. He was a miller by trade.

    John's mother was called Mary Hanson nee Lees. The Lees family were prominent free settlers in the pioneering days of South Australia.

    John Hanson Snr

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